About Lukas Kwant

Artist Lukas Kwant is known for his contrasting play of colors and his expressionist painting style and beautiful men (bodies). The paintings radiate strength, energy and victory. Lukas encourages you with his works to always challenge yourself. “Make the best of everything! I don't believe in laziness: without challenge it gets boring. Don't stick to the rules and trust your intuition. Open up and let go of all thoughts: then you will fly!”

Painting method

“I put colors next to each other that you feel clash. This produces a certain energy. I always look for contrasts and like a shock effect. That makes both the painting process and the painting exciting.” Lukas works on a painting for a maximum of 20 minutes. This activates him to make quick choices, which is consistent with his philosophy: don't dream and think, but do, action! According to Lukas, a successful painting is created by the chemistry between him and the male model. “I capture the energy of the man and convert it into colors and finally into a painting.”

Achieve your goals

Lukas sees painting as running. “You can train hard for a marathon and be physically strong, but it's the mental power that gives you wings to reach the top time. Painting is like running: regular practice improves your fitness and technique. However, to achieve a goal you need balance in your head in addition to the physical condition.

You have to rely on your own technique, but the outcome is unpredictable. I never have a preconceived plan when I start painting. I let go of all thoughts, concentrate, observe and together with my hand and the brush I form the painting”.

"I always look for contrasts. That makes the painting exciting!"


About the artist

Lukas Kwant was born in Lettelbert in Groningen. After art school in Kampen he moved to London and worked for fashion designer Sandra Rhodes. In the 1980s, Lukas was inspired by the expressionist art movement Neue Wilden and sees the German artist Rainer Fettig as a source of inspiration. For Lukas, this art movement is a liberating form of painting. The content can be described as colorful and honestly erotic. After more than 30 years, this form of painting still touches Lukas and it shows in his work. He paints every Thursday afternoon for more than 30 years. In addition to sewing, painting and modeling in his studio, Lukas also likes to teach as a (senior) Art teacher. When the sun is shining you can find Lukas on his houseboat and large (vegetable) garden just outside Amsterdam. The garden brings him back into contact with his Groningen agricultural roots.




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